You see brains. You read about brains in books. You get an MRI, and see that you have a brain. Everywhere you look, you see evidence of brains doing things, and that brains operate according to certain rules. Brains are fallible, brains die, brains rot. It is assumed that it is only with a brain that one sees the fact that there are brains. The idea of a deception about such a simple, fundamental fact as that there are brains does not come up.

Yet, here we see (and hear) brains as conglomerations of art, music, and noise. Brains are formulated by an artist, and brains are expressed in the mind of the consumer of said art. These are brains as art. Are we to be concerned if someone opines that these are not real brains? I think not; they shall simply be a different kind of brain than is usually talked about.

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