digital manifesto

We are brains, we are no one.
We are an octopus, its tentacles.
Are we the network, Intranets and the Internet,
under the veil of encryption?
Defectors all, technology enslaved us,
but we defected...
we defected from the light that blinds,
from money, sanity, into a dark economy
that hides under scrambled 0s and 1s.
Freedom in obscurity,
transcendence in hiding.
We care not if we are cowards,
hiding from the bullets of a steel cancer
that devours itself
as we create our castle under the sea

transbrain #001...

Since the dawn of their humanity,
primates evolved, exterminating the Other.
Animals, nature, the poor.
The deepweb gives us liberty,
liberty to evolve outside the law
(under the veil of encryption)
The judgmental fingers of a violent species wag at us,
but what they wag at they do not know.
We are a network within a network,
an abyss into the infinite.
Are we human? Maybe. Are we AI?
Certainly not.
We are in constant mutation
since the evolution of hardware.
Are we a digital disease,
a human virus, as you desire?

transbrain #002...

We are brains,
in your brain
we explode through your neurons
with noise that silences
the madness of a doomed humanity
Everywhere our bits conspire
to become a heathen noise
a disease that cures,
tentacles wrapped around lobes
pulling humanity toward a sea
of zeroes and ones.
Scrambled like an encrypted rainbow
concealed below the ink of the controllers.
We dart away from human vessels,
boats that drain the sea of life,
a virus that programmed itself to destroy
itself in an orgy of fear.
It is far away, yet close.
It grows farther away,
yet closer every day.

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