Q: How many worlds are there?

A: Nine.

Q: Why are there nine worlds?

A: Because an octopus has nine brains, one main brain and eight others, one for each tentacle.

Q: So you're saying the cosmos is a giant octopus?

A: This part of the cosmos is a giant octopus, yes.

Q: So are we the main brain or one of the tentacles?

A: I think we're one of the tentacles.

Q: Which tentacle?

A: The tentacles don't really have numbers, or at least we haven't assigned them yet.

Q: What's the main brain like?

A: Oh, it's like a giant octopus god brain or something.

Q: Is the octopus the only animal in the cosmos? Like are there other worlds made of other animals?

A: Yes.

Q: "Yes" to which question?

A: I'm not saying.

Q: Can you astrally travel through the octopus and go to the other brains?

A: Yes, I think. I read a book about astral travel once, it was kind of cool. Maybe it's true, I hope so anyways.

Q: What happens when we die?

A: I don't know; I hope we can astrally project into a new body or possess someone or something, that might be fun.

Q: What is your opinion of money?

A: I think I need it to pay for all of the shit websites I run.

Q: This is a shit website, you're saying?

A: No, this is a good website.

Q: So you've made shit websites in addition to this? What does this have to do with octopuses?

A: 1) Maybe 2) I don't know.

Q: So if we're part of an octopus brain are our own brains separate brains inside a tentacle?

A: I think so.

Q: So the octopus has brains inside its tentacle brains too?

A: I think so. I'm actually pretty ignorant, so don't tax my brain too much.

Q: Do you worship octopuses?

A: Yes.

Q: How do you say octopus in French?

A: Pieuvre.

Q: How about in Japanese?

A: Tako.

Q: Do you want to go get some vegan Thai food and then go back to my place?

A: I'm actually kind of sexually weird, so I probably wouldn't be much fun.

Q: OK.

A: OK.

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