(possibly?) brains:




1. anus on fire2v (flac) (mp3) (ogg)
2. flesh flesh powergrid flesh2 (flac) (mp3) (ogg)
3. obsidienne0564 (flac) (mp3) (ogg)
4. a war crushed by fear (flac) (mp3) (ogg)
5. dildo (flac) (mp3) (ogg)
6. lonely with a chafed anus (flac) (mp3) (ogg)
7. anal helicopter (flac) (mp3) (ogg)
8. sexual abstinence (flac) (mp3) (ogg)

Download zipped album: (flac) (mp3) (ogg)

ok, sometimes brains want to have anal sex. and sometimes its more complicated than just having it, cuz there's like shit like conflicting desires and thoughts and society and stuff.