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1. penislust circumcision desire fragmentation (light, father, penispain infant agony chaos retreat) (flac) (mp3) (ogg)

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this is a song about being born and then seeing light that welcomes you and then some strange person cutting the tip of your dick off because some guys in a desert wrote a book that said your dad wants you to be scared of the light and be afraid to experience the light because the light is now associated with the tip of your dick being chopped off so now you get to live in the darkness and when you feel lust sometimes anxiety happens because you remember the dadlight fucking creating huge pain and your dick always wants to be in darkness and ignorance wearing penis shaped sackcloth condoms and yelling "unclean! unclean!" when it sees the dadlight in the sun shining on its erect self which rapidly becomes flaccid at the thought of how dudes with hugebeards that herded animals in deserts created a stupid dick that wants to remain in the outer darkness with no one ever seeing it so you wear clothes or fig leaves over it or something, why not?

S Y N A P S E ? .

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