(possibly?) brains:




1. abstrakttool noise (flac) (mp3) (ogg)

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ok, tools are made by ppl for a long time now and like my dad says they create more problems than they solve but someone (?) made this track with tools so that's cool.

S Y N A P S E ? .


1. cyborg (flac) (mp3) (ogg)

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ok, sometimes brains want to like have technology in them and stuff like, i think its like computers and brains come together and machines also, and its really advanced stuff, some brains really are into the idea, i think they're smart

"technologybrain - cyborg" diy 3 inch (8cm) cd-r

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ok, so we have another 3 inch (8cm) cd-r release. it fits in the little part of your cd player drawer, and it has one of the best noise releases undefined has done yet...so if you can get some monero together get it!

S Y N A P S E ? .

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