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1. produce, accumulate, produce (flac) (mp3) (ogg)

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ok, this song is about working right? who likes work? some brains don't but i don't kno, if it was like a hardcore factory type shit that might suck if you didn't get like a living wage and you still worked your ass off. and then like you had no medical insurance? fuck off boss!

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1. office of doom (flac) (mp3) (ogg)

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ok, so sometimes people work in office but unknown to them there's a lot of suffering maybe in their heads where they don't know or maybe like all the people being exploited in stuff they do i guess idk

"workbrain - office of doom" diy "business card" cd-r

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ok, so we have a business card shaped cd-r for sale here, it's perfect for fitting in your wallet when you go to the office to scare your office mates who listen i guess.

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